The book "Egypt History And The Ancient Wisdom"

Is there really ancient wisdom lost in ancient civilizations? Does this wisdom explain the enigmatic monuments left to us by these civilizations that lived in the shadow of antiquity?

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The Secrets of Ancient Civilizations

Watching a debate between Stephen Meyer and another Darwinian scientist, I was overcome with a storm of strong emotion, mixed with admiration for Mr. Meyer, but also disappointment at how this debate went, how Stephen speaks with strong arguments about intelligent design, but is afraid to call God an intelligent designer because he does not quite agree with the biblical data. I do not envy him this position and could well understand why he chose to present intelligent design, because any intelligent person will understand that this is the only explanation for creation and the origin of life. But none of the modern religious teachings can support this argument, because most religious teachings are primitive and far from intelligent. That is why the other side attacks this argument without being able to defend their own Darwinian religion.


This debate prompted me to put my ideas and knowledge into the hands of truth seekers. I may not be able to convince many people that what I believe is the truth, but I hope these ideas can encourage some of my readers to explore the topic further, and hopefully, one of my readers will develop and explain and write about some of the insights I share in better English and with more convincing methods.


The hatred between Darwinian scientists who claim to represent modern science and the religious community is unhealthy and confusing. The public relies on these two to show them the right way and provide any kind of proof that they are right. Both debate and show hatred, and the only goal each seeks is to prove the other wrong as if that were enough to prove they are right.

In this book, I will tell only a few stories, historical facts, myths and legends, all of which may shed some light on the true history of religion and mankind. I have no interest in preaching any religious ideas or beliefs, I have no interest in convincing anyone to join Islam or Christianity, and I have no interest or goal in convincing anyone of the existence of God, while according to my own belief, God is the only reality in this existence and all others are illusions. I will be honest about how I view religious teachings and texts. I firmly believe that their origin must be God, but they have been manipulated and twisted by humankind, and we cannot hold on to these texts as they are all true, but we must have the courage to reject that which contradicts the intelligence and greatness of God. We cannot claim that God created this vast universe, that He created space, time, and matter, that He was then limited by time and had a body made of matter. God is the source of science and wisdom, and anything that contradicts proven science and wisdom cannot be accepted in religious teaching, no matter where it is written.

Believe me, I do not want to attack anyone, nor was it my intention to offend anyone, I am just trying to convey the narratives that define our existence and how we came to be. I strongly believe that all religious teachings have been twisted, manipulated, and changed in one way or another for specific reasons or due to mistakes. Nevertheless, no new doctrine is needed to set the path and errors straight. Only logic and common sense can give us the truth in religion and faith in God. Material science, on the other hand, which abstracts everything spiritual and meaningful in life to make it material and make man emerge from animals and live better than animals, still ends up like animals.

I would like to sincerely apologize for not being able to focus on one aspect of my book. I know that it would be much easier for readers to follow one topic and I can discuss much more information related to this one topic, but in this way, I would leave my readers with too many unanswered questions. Therefore, I have briefly described all aspects at once. In doing so, I have found that by focusing on Egyptian history, everything can be clarified and makes sense; because Egypt is the microcosm, the smaller archetype of the big universe, and the history of mankind. And only in Egypt can everything come together and complete the pieces of the tangled mess to make the story complete. While the deep history is only darkness for us and we cannot see into it, the deep history in Egypt is also a shadow, but the stones and sand of Egypt still repeat the same ancient history of that deep history. They leave us a monument that we can only explain as lost wisdom, an ancient wisdom that the ancient civilization possessed and used to build such monuments and great structures, and which has been lost to us so that we cannot understand or believe in it.

We will present for each topic the most popular treaties and narratives to compare between them and find the one that is more logical and makes more sense. Then, topic by topic, we will see that everything points to one God, one religion and one message. Humans did not invent gods and religions from thin air, the existence of the concept of "God" shows that people have passed this concept from generation to generation, because it exists and was not invented by a monkey that developed consciousness. And consciousness is further evidence of a supreme being who has endowed us with it, in addition to intelligence, speech, heart and free will.

Most people today mistakenly think that scientists are very smart and have figured out everything about the cosmos and the origin of the universe, as well as the origin and evolution of life. If they think for just a fraction of a second, they will realize how naive they are, because scientists have not discovered anything new that the ancient philosophers and sages did not know. All the advances in technology have not brought to light any other knowledge that the ancients did not know. This has not stopped modern material scientists from proposing fantasies as facts and discoveries just because they are superior to us in their thinking and observation. Pursue any thesis about the creation or the evolution of life and pay attention to what the scientists are talking about, and you will see that they are only telling a story from their imagination, a fantasy that they believe to be true, without evidence or even logic.

I encourage you to watch the series "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" and listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson tell the story of the creation of the cosmos, recounting dates and events as if he had witnessed them. They present fiction as fact, recounting what they think might have happened as if it really happened and they witnessed it, and how the cosmos evolved as if they had evidence of every stage of that evolution. No matter how well you present the fiction, it will always remain that way. Some may believe it, but most people know it is fiction, they may be careless, but that does not mean they believe.

He began the story by explaining how he will take his audience on a journey of discovery into the vast cosmos from the beginning of time, but then, perhaps accidentally, he said the magic word that you need the imagination to follow him on this journey because this is an imaginary journey. This highly invested series is full of scientific facts and research and exploration and most of it is based on true science and discovery. But the hard core is fiction when you claim that a cosmos can come from nothing, that life can evolve from chemical elements, that it will then diversify as we know it, and that humanity is just an accidental discovery by a monkey.

"Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were one mass, and We have torn them? And We have made all living things of water. Will they not believe?" (Qur'an 21:30)

A simple verse in the Qur'an is consistent with the whole story told in the series: Everything before creation was one essence, but it is not nothing, and this unity was torn. Perhaps not as a point that exploded in a void and caused the Big Bang, but rather as thunder in a cloud of smoke. That thunder tore this unity to cause the creation of the cosmos. God does not create things as we do, through physical labor and effort, but only through His will. But He also does everything perfectly with reason and causes and result, not like magic. Yes, science can help us explore the universe, but only to show us how God created it and how He created life and how He made everything so perfect and independent, like a perfect software code that needs no further intervention from its programmer.

So allow me, dear reader, to copy Neil deGrasse Tyson and invite you on a journey into history, but without your imagination, only with your heart and common sense, to explore the history of mankind and find out where we come from and what purpose we serve. And you may also find an answer to the riddles the ancients posed for us. Did they have a technology that has been lost, or did they have a wisdom that is lost.